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Eco-Friendly Celebrations Eco-friendly parties Super Bowl 2015

8 Tips for an Eco-friendly Super Bowl Bash

Statistics report Super Bowl 2014 as the greenest on record, with the New Orleans host committee reporting an offset of 3.9 million pounds of CO2 emissions, thanks to environmentally friendly initiatives. Let’s keep the trend going in 2015. Regardless of your team colors, transform this year’s Super Bowl celebration into a green affair.


  1. Plan ahead. Digital invitations are the way to go to save on postage and fuel, so use a service like or to send yours. Let guests know you’re throwing your party with the environment in mind and ask them to do the same.
  2. List it. Avoid unnecessary trips to the store for forgotten items by making a detailed list before you go. While planning, choose recipes that use fresh, local ingredients.
  3. Veg out. It may not be traditional fare, but the net is full of delectable vegetarian eats sure to leave a smile on any meat lover’s face. Do a quick Pinterest search for “Vegetarian Party Food” for some great ideas.
  4. Be chipper. When it comes to Super Bowl parties, it’s all about the chips and dip. Be it pita, tortilla or potato, research healthy, homemade versions that crisp up in a snap and reduce the number of chip bags hitting trash bins this month.
  5. Cheers! Quench thirst with sustainability in mind. Choose libations from New Belgium, whose operations are more than 70 percent wind powered, or Odell Brewing Company, whose products are some of the most sustainably produced. Wines from Alma Rosa and French Rabbit rate the most ecofriendly.
  6. Serve smart. Always opt for reusable plates and flatware. However, if disposable is unavoidable, choose products that are composter-friendly. Check out these fabulous finds from our friends at Apartment Therapy.
  7. Waste not. If you’re overwhelmed with leftovers following your super bowl feast, share them! Ask friends to bring along containers for easy clean up and transport.
  8. Clean green. Place recycling stations in strategic places so guests can get in on the act. And when the party is over, use safe, nontoxic products like those in GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning’s Ecospirit™ line, to get your house back in order for the week ahead.


Talk to us: Which team are you rooting for this year? Shout out your team name in the comments below. Bonus points if you share your favorite green party planning tip, too!

#Blizzardof2015 Emergency Preparedness Preparing for Bad Weather Snow Day Tips

4 Things to Do before the Blizzard Hits

Tips for Being Prepared for Blizzard

The newscasters are predicting that a winter storm will slam the New York City area , bringing many of our neighborhoods and cities to a complete standstill.   Before you rush out to just purchase loaves of bread and milk, consider these tips to truly prepare you and your home for a blizzard:

Prepare for Power Outages
The heaviness of ice and snow may bring down power lines leaving entire neighborhoods without electricity for a long period of time.  Make sure you have a good supply of candles, matches and flashlights (with batteries!) as well as a battery-powered radio.  Charge your cell phones and tablets and make sure you know where they are.

Stock Your Pantry
If there is a power outage or you are literally “snowed in” and can’t make it to the grocery, you want to be sure you have food on hand that can sustain you and your family such as peanut butter, whole-wheat crackers, canned meat (like tuna), canned vegetables, cereal and bottles of water.  Don’t forget to have a non-electric can opener on hand!  Here is a great list of more ideas from Real Simple magazine.

Think Warmth
Keep everyone warm by stocking up on blankets, gloves, hats and socks.  Consider your alternative heat sources in case of a power outage like a wood burning stove or fireplace or kerosene heater, making sure you have the supplies needed to use them.  Also, increase the efficiency of available heat by closing off all rooms except the one that needs to be heated and covering spaces around doors.   Checkout more ways to keep everyone warm from our blog.

Be Ready to Stay Indoors
Go out ahead of the storm to get necessary items like toilet paper, diapers, prescriptions and any over-the-counter products that may be running low.  Get out your board games, puzzles and cards—giving you something to do while you wait for conditions to improve.  If you have kids, get materials for some great craft projects such as these ideas from Martha Stewart.

Talk to us:  What are you doing to prepare for this winter storm?


image courtesy of flicker CC/Barbara L. Hanson
Color Trends home decorating Interior Design Pantone Spring 2015

How to Use 5 of Pantone’s Spring 2015 Colors

Pantone recently released its Spring 2015 Fashion Color Report.  With colors such as bright tangerine and bold scuba blue, you may be wondering how you could possibly incorporate these colors into your home—especially if your space is a tiny apartment.

The good news is that painting your walls is just one way these colors can be added to your rooms—we’re giving you some other options.  Here’s a look at our five favorite Pantone Spring 2015 colors (there’s 16 of them—see an entire list here: and new ways you can use them.


TangerineTangerine (Pantone 15-1247)
This happy color just cheers up your day and is a great addition to your home or work office.  Look for tangerine-colored file folders, paper clips or pencils (we love these from Specklefarm).  Adding these supplies to the top of your desk will make the whole room seem brighter.




Scuba BlueScuba Blue (Pantone 16-4725)
When used as a solid color, Scuba Blue may prove to be too much for even an accent wall.  Instead, opt for using the color in your accessories like these vintage blue glasses from Etsy. Glass items in the Scuba Blue color look even more amazing when hit by a little light.





lavender-plant-flowerpot-white-background-34605241Lavender Herb (Pantone 16-3310)
What we really love about this color is that you can actually buy “lavender herb” to add this hue to your home.  Pick up a potted lavender plant and consider putting it in your bedroom—the herb is known to ease anxiety and insomnia.




Classic BlueClassic Blue (Pantone 19-4052)
Classic Blue is a great color for kitchens and bathrooms—especially when paired with white.  Look beyond your walls and consider putting this pop of color in unexpected places such as ceilings and floors—we love this rug from Elle Décor.




CustardCustard (Pantone 13-0720)
This is one of our favorite Spring 2015 colors.  Unlike traditional yellow, this shade is not as bright and is great in upholstery, pillows and linens.  Dress your bed up in custard-color sheets like these we found from Crate & Barrel.




Talk to us:  What is your favorite color from Pantone’s Spring 2015 Color Report?



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Daily Cleaning Schedule Tips: 6 Daily Cleaning Routine Musts

6 Daily Cleaning Routine Musts


Eco-friendly ways to stay warm Winter

5 Ways to Stay Warm Inside

Warm Blanket


If you’re like us, you have really enjoyed the mild winter weather we’ve been having here on the East Coast.  Unfortunately, that stretch of warm weather has seemingly come to an end and this week—as we usher in snow and brutally cold temps—you may be looking for some ways to keep your home warm and toasty.

Even if you didn’t have time to winterize your home with a programmable thermostat or new windows, you can still stay warm this winter season with this 5 tips:

Invest in Heavy Window Coverings
“My grandma has always had double thick curtains and drapes,” says Kyley Eagleson of Environically Speaking.  “As a kid I always wanted to open them in the winter so I could look outside, but now I understand why they were closed.”  Thick, insulating coverings (think velvet or flannel) help prevent heat from escaping your home and provide a barrier between you and drafty windows, something that is especially helpful if you are living in a home or apartment with older windows.

Close Your Doors—All of Them
Remember when your parents used to tell you to keep the doors closed as you paraded in and out of the house with your winter gear?  There is some real truth to their house rules, but keeping doors closed goes beyond just our entrance areas.  Keep doors to unused rooms and closets closed during the winter months to allow the heat to go into those spaces where you are actually living.

Warm Up Your Colors
“Sometimes warmth is a matter of perception,” states an Apartment Therapy blog post.  “Warm colors and textures make you feel warmer so change out your décor.”  This could include tossing a soft blanket over your couch, adding some lush pillows to your bed or even putting down an rich-colored area rug (which will also help keep heat from escaping through your floor boards).

Open Up Your Shower
Homesessive reminds us that the great steam produced during those morning showers should not be wasted on just the bathroom.  If possible (and this may be tricky if you have roommates and/or children), leave the door to your bathroom open while you shower so the steam can spread throughout your home.

Get Rid of the Electric Blanket
Nothing is better than climbing into a warm bed on a cold night.  However, before you plug in that electric blanket, try this tip from Nigel’s Eco Blog:  “Put a spare blanket under your mattress sheet, warmed by a couple of hot water bottles an hour before you go to bed.”  This simple trick will keep you toasty all night without using any electricity.

Talk to us:  What is your best “stay warm” tip for the winter?



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