Natural Cleaning Tips For Healthy Living - January 2014

Create and maintain a clean environment of your very own.

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How Small Business Owners Can Avoid Insanity in 2014



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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

Making resolutions is a New Year’s tradition that I both love and fear. There is nothing so full of raw hope and excitement as making yourself a promise to change. Expanding into new markets, adding a product line, hiring new employees – whatever we, as sustainable business owners, can dream of this is the month we allow ourselves to dream big and reach for the stars. No goal is too high; no obstacle too large, January is a month for making resolutions. It’s the other 11 months of the year that I’m afraid of.

Excerpted: Click here to read my whole article published on the Huffington Post

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Spotlight on Sustainable Business: Pure House


Sustainable Business in Williamsburg

An impromptu meeting of the minds at Pure House


Calling all creatives, innovators, social change agents, scientists, designers, systems architects, artists, technologists and entrepreneurs in New York City: you’re being summoned to Pure House, our newest community partner and the focus of this month’s sustainable business spotlight.

This is a community of change-makers intent on creating positive flow for others by providing a nurturing living and work space for those who need it. Located in Willamsburg, Brooklyn, Pure House offers a space for anything you can dream up, from 22-person mega crash pads and event spaces to classrooms, galleries and more.

It began, as the best ideas usually do, between friends who wanted to help each other accomplish their goals by utilizing their individual talents and connections. The experiment was such a success they decided to expand their influence by reaching out to friends of friends in an effort to achieve more environmental victories. Today, they own and operate a creative living space for innovators of all shapes and sizes to come together to share ideas, create, learn, live and play in a collaborative and supportive environment.

In their words, “We pride ourselves on being some of the best connectors on the planet and we love to share those connections with our clients. While we focus our connection making activity on those individuals that are working for the greater good of humanity, our networks are far reaching into the wildest of worlds.”

And that includes some big names like Huffington Post, Red Bull Studios, Laura Siegel and now GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning. If you are a person intent on creating positive change in this world, you’re invited to join the movement at Pure House, we’d love to connect with you there as well.

Do you know of a local business you’d like to see featured in our sustainable business spotlight? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. We look forward to learning more about what makes your communities great!

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Where to Find Eco Friendly Pet Supplies

GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning Mascot


Elle, our unofficial GEC mascot is not just a dog, she’s a member of our eco friendly family. Her health, happiness and well being is a top priority, which means we care a lot about the food she eats, the clothes (yes, clothes!) she wears and the toys she plays with. If you, like many people, added a new four-legged member to your family this past holiday season, these eco friendly pet supply companies can help you welcome your new loved one into your home.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t spend time and money choosing green products for your dog or cat. According to Bernadine Cruz, DVM, associate veterinarian at Laguna Hills Animal Hospital in Laguna Hills, CA, “Pets [are responsible for just as large a carbon footprint as people]. The good news is that now pet owners have more eco-friendly choices when they shop for pet products.”

Remember to budget time and money for cleaning up after your new dog or cat. Investing in a powerful vacuum cleaner designed to rid your home of pet hair and dander or scheduling regular maintenance cleaning will ensure that family members don’t develop pet allergies and your home stays clean, even with your new addition.

Which one of these eco friendly pet supply companies is your favorite?


Olive is a proud member of the Organic Trade Association and Green America. The company ensures that all its products meet strict environmental and safety criteria. Whenever possible, Olive seeks out handcrafted products that not only withstand heavy use, but also represent a higher level of crafted detail normally only seen in products for people. All products are toxin- and chemical-free, meaning they’re as safe for the humans in your home as they are for their canine companions.

Wagging Green

Wagging Green boasts a 100% bamboo fiber product line, which are hand sewn in the USA with an eye toward strength, detail and comfort for your pets. They donate 5% of profits to important environmental issues as a sign of their dedication to reducing you and your pet’s eco footprints.

Raise a Green Dog

Raise a Green Dog (with authors Leslie May and Johann The Dog) offers eco friendly supplies, educational articles, and advice to help dog lovers enjoy a long and happy life with their dogs, and help the environment at the same time. The site has been featured in Modern Dog, The Washington Post, USAToday, Dog World Magazine, Dog Fancy’s Natural Dog Magazine and other media outlets.

The Ultimate Green Store

This site carries environmentally friendly products for your pets as well as your home, office and even eco friendly kids gear so you can buy all your green products in one place. They boast a selection of products from many of the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of sustainable, natural, organic, recycled, eco-friendly goods- products that are made with your health and the health of our planet in mind.

These are just a few of our recommended sites for eco friendly pet supplies, but we always welcome suggestions! How are you making sure your pets are living green? Send photos of your animals keeping it earth friendly to our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.


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Your Leftover Cranberries Are Healthier Than You Think

Do you still have fresh, whole cranberries left over from your holiday meals? Don’t throw them away; they offer powerful natural health benefits and their many uses go above and beyond the traditional accompaniment to ham or turkey dinners.

Where did cranberries come from?

Native Americans used cranberries as food (they make a wonderful natural preservative), wound medicine and red dye. They introduced this superfruit to the Massachusetts pilgrims who then went on to incorporate the berries into traditional Thanksgiving feasts.

Cranberries offer many health benefits

Would you be surprised to learn that cranberries are considered a superfruit because of their powerful antioxidant benefits? In fact, studies show that cranberries can help protect against some staph infections such as the MRSA (flesh eating bacteria) as well as fighting off a host of other diseases.

At the Experimental Biology conference in 2002 a study showed that eating fresh cranberries can prevent E. Coli from adhering to the wall of the bladder, which causes urinary tract infections. Now that researchers understand how cranberries protect us from UTI’s they are using this information to discover what else the active nutrients can do such as preventing stomach ulcers, promoting gum health, and fighting cancer.

In fact, as an antioxidant powerhouse, cranberries are almost unmatched. A study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry showed cranberries contain more disease-fighting antioxidant phenols than 19 other common fruits and vegetables.

Cranberries are heart-healthy according to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition, which showed 8 percent increase in HDL (“good”) levels of 30 overweight men with slightly elevated LDL. Increased levels of HDL have been shown to decrease risk of heart/cardiovascular disease.

Try this healthy cranberry smoothie recipe from The Gracious Pantry and get an invigorating boost of calcium and fiber to start your morning right.

Clean Eating Cranberry Banana Smoothie (Makes 2 servings)


  • 8 ounces fresh cranberries
  • 2 small banana
  • 1 cup canned, light coconut milk, no sugar added

Directions: Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Now aren’t you glad you didn’t toss those leftover raw cranberries? What are your favorite things to do with this antioxidant superfruit?

As an essential business, Greenhouse Eco-Cleaning is continuing to serve our customers during the COVID-19 emergency. Learn about the steps we’ve taken to protect our customers and employees and our Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Services that can provide extra peace of mind during these challenging times.