Natural Cleaning Tips For Healthy Living - November 2012

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Using Organic Cleaning Products for Pet Upkeep

Pet owners know all too well how difficult it can be to keep a home feeling, looking, and smelling clean and fresh. Pets can have accidents, shed, or track dirt and germs through the house. This prompts many pet lovers to purchase extremely strong and abrasive household cleaners. These cleansers, filled with harmful chemicals, cannot only be detrimental to the health of the individuals in the house, but it can also be harmful for the pets as well. When maintaining a clean pet-friendly home, there are many advantages to using all natural cleaning products.

Reducing Exposure to Carcinogens

Obviously, nobody wants carcinogens in the home, whether or not pets are present. However, our pets are more vulnerable to these toxins than humans. This is partly because carcinogens become increasingly dangerous depending upon the amount of time you are exposed to them. The longer you are exposed to the chemicals in conventional cleaning products, the toxin levels in your body increase until a serious health condition develops. This process happens much faster in the bodies of our small pets that are often confined to the home for large portions of the day.

Fewer Pet Accidents

One of the primary goals or wishes of pet owners is to prevent pets from urinating or defecating in the house. While some pets may have accidents because they are acting out or because they did not have the opportunity to go outside, household cleaners can also be influential. Studies have shown that dogs and cats will sometimes react to the strong scents present in household cleaners by marking their territory. Mild and natural organic cleaning products can reduce the frequency of these occurrences. If your pet is continually having accidents in the home, it could be because your maid cleaning services is challenging their territory using harsh cleaning products.

Protecting Sense of Smell

The primary problems with traditional household cleaning products are the chemicals used to create those strong artificial smells. Long-term exposure to these chemicals can be dangerous for humans and animals alike. One of the ways that these chemicals harm animals is by diminishing their sense of smell.

Sense of smell is extremely important for a healthy animal. It allows them to enjoy their food, detect nearby threats, and even interact with other animals and their owners. Sense of smell is social and physically very important to dogs and cats especially. By choosing all natural cleaning products that do not contain these harmful fragrances and chemicals, you can protect this vital ability for your pets.

Protect Your Pet by Choosing an NYC Organic Cleaning Service

A great way to ensure that cleaning products, chemicals, and toxins, are not threatening your health, or the health of your pets, it is wise to enlist the help of a cleaning service that exclusively uses healthy cleaning services and environmentally friendly cleaning techniques. By doing so, you can rest assured that your home is not only clean and fresh, but also save and environmentally conscious.

Eco-friendly Event Cleaning, Preparation, and Party Planning

Events are all about extravagance, lavishness, and indulgence. Therefore, it is really difficult to imagine an event or party that is also eco-friendly. Green behaviors and practices are all about reducing consumption and using sustainable and safe resources; so how can you plan an event for throngs of guests and still stay conscious of your impact on the environment? Fortunately, there are many different ways that you can plan and execute a fun and entertaining event, conference, or party, and stay environmentally friendly.

Preparing for Your Eco-friendly Event

The first step is to lay the groundwork for a green event. This means keeping environmentally friendly choices in mind when making ordering and purchasing decisions. By the end of any function, all of the waste bins are typically overflowing with items such as paper cups, paper plates, paper napkins, and paper silverware.

There are two ways that you can counteract this problem. First, you can choose to use reusable dinnerware, which could be provided by a catering service. If this option is too expensive or too difficult, another option is purchasing biodegradable post-consumer content items. Then, set up plenty of recycling bins and be sure to instruct your guests regarding proper recycling procedures.

If you are hosting an outdoor event, or any other event where you might be tempted to provide bottles of water to your guests, forgo the bottles for a water filling station in stead. Discarded water bottles are a major contributing factor to our overflowing landfills today.

Lastly, when ordering food for your event, choose from locally based businesses that use locally grown produce. Locally supplied foods are often much more fresh, free of chemicals and preservatives, and they have the added benefit of not needing to consume large amounts of fuel to be delivered. If you are organizing an event for your company, it can also help your regional reputation to build relationships with these local businesses. Check out your food coop, one of our favorites is the Park Slope Coop.

Post Event Clean Up

One of the most important aspects of an environmentally friendly event is the clean up afterward. Eco-friendly and organic cleaning services are an excellent resource, as they can provide a professional staff that understands the best cleaning techniques and strategies to reduce as much waste as possible.

When cleaning up after your event, you will often need large amounts of cleaning products to clean tables, floors, and chairs. An NYC green cleaning service would have all natural cleaning products that will be safe, effective, and healthy. Cleaning an enclosed space, such as a banquet hall or even your home, with chemical based products can release dangerous toxins into the air, and then cause harmful chemicals to seep into water supplies during disposal, putting many individuals at risk.

An experienced cleaning service can provide organic products that pose no risk to humans or the environment as they help speed the post-event cleaning process. These cleaning services, available in New York, can even help you prepare and plan for your environmentally friendly event to make the entire process even more streamlined and simple.


Increase Company Productivity & Profits Thru Eco-Friendly Cleaning

For the longest time, businesses were afraid of implementing green technologies, products, and practices because they were worried about the costs that typically accompany these types of changes. However, as more and more businesses have been transforming into environmentally friendly organizations, they have found the result to be higher productivity and higher profits. There are many factors that can be attributed to their eco-friendly success.

Lower Costs

Choosing to use organic and all natural products, post-consumer recyclable products, and environmentally friendly practices can actually lower the expenses of businesses considerable. When companies place a focus on going green, reducing consumption and reusing materials is a major component. Along with an increase in productivity, businesses can increase their profitability by reducing costs associated with ordering supplies and energy costs. Example, one of our clients did away with the use of paper towels. They utilize microfiber towels around their office of 300+ employees.

Enhancing Company Image and Morale

The bottom line is that people like and respect green companies. This means that more people want to work for these businesses and more consumers want to purchase their goods and products. When a business has a strong reputation thanks to choosing responsible business practice, not only do more people want to work for the business, but they are also willing to work harder and have a higher dedication to their job, leading to increased productivity.

Customers are increasingly more likely to take notice and choose companies that are clearly doing their part to adapt to eco-friendly practices. Businesses that put in the effort to make large company-wide changes to go green are seen as showing a real desire to protect and preserve the environment for their consumers. Businesses can actually raise productivity and profits by demonstrating that they are willing to put the importance of health and safety of their employees and customers above profit.  In addition, companies should measure their impact so they can communicate achievements to their customers and employees. One way to do so is by utilizing one of our favorite companies Practically Green; they motivate and inspire people to take healthy & efficient steps in their everyday lives so companies can use this tool to engage employees on sustainability.

Healthier Employees

Environmentally friendly companies often design their offices to allow for more natural sunlight and fresh air. This helps them provide light and temperature control using natural sustainable resources, reducing the consumption of energy. The fresh air and natural sunlight leads to a more enjoyable and healthier work environment and atmosphere for the employees.

All natural cleaning products and organic cleaning services can also contribute to healthier and happier employees. Many conventional household cleaners contain harmful chemicals and fragrances that can lead to mild or serious illnesses, especially after long-term exposure. By using green and healthy products, you can reduce the number of sick days used by employees and once again increase productivity.

Going Green as a Business

While going green is a major change to a business, the transition does not have to be as scary or challenging as it might seem. Your business can even make small changes over time that will make a large difference. These changes can include using biodegradable products, promoting in-house recycling, and working with eco-friendly vendors and organic commercial cleaning services. Through all of these small, but important steps, you can make a big difference for your employees, your community, the environment, and the success of your business.

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Recipes For DIY Natural Cleaning Products You Can Make At Home

How To Make Natural Cleaning Products

Once you have discovered that many of the well-known cleaning products contain harmful chemicals, and emit dangerous vapors, you are left looking for a safe alternative. Of course, you do not want to expose yourself or others to toxins, but you need to keep your home and office clean of dirt and germs. You do have the options of hiring an NYC cleaning service that uses organic all natural products, and you can start making safe green products from items you probably already have in your kitchen.

Baking Soda

One of the reasons everyday cleaning products are dangerous is because they utilize chemicals and solvents in order to combat stubborn stains and build-up. Baking soda makes a great household alternative that is mild, yet affective. Whether you have soap scum build-up in the bathroom, or tough food stains on your kitchen counter, baking soda is just abrasive enough to get the job done.

All you need is a dampened sponge, and a sprinkle of baking soda, and you are ready to scrub away the dirt and grime without being exposed to the dangerous vapors created by bleach or ammonia. For more difficult build-up, you can make a paste using baking soda, lemon juice and water, and then apply that paste to the problem area. Allow the paste to settle on the area for at least ten minutes. Afterward, you will find that the dirt, or soap scum, will wash away much more easily.

Baking soda can also be used to flush out slow-running pipes as an alternative to corrosive and dangerous drain cleaners. Simply pour half a cup of baking soda into the slow-moving drain, followed by a very small amount of hot water or white vinegar. Allow the mixture to settle in the drain for at least a few hours, or overnight. Afterward, flush the drain with hot water. This should only be used for slow drains, not completely blocked or clogged drains.


White vinegar also makes for a versatile cleaning product. The mildly acidic nature of vinegar makes it capable of removing stubborn dirt build-up and soap scum from surfaces without causing any damage, or posing any risk to your health. Instead of using sprays containing chemicals, you can instead fill a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar in order to clean countertops and other surfaces effectively. The vinegar solution will not only clean the area, but also deodorize. The vinegar naturally absorbs the odors, and the vinegar aroma disappears once dry.  You can also, add some essential oil to give a fresh and pleasant smell to your space. For tough stains, you can use undiluted vinegar. You can even use pure white vinegar to clean the grout between your tiles without worry of causing discoloration.

Seek Help from the Experts

If you really want to transform the way you look at housekeeping, you can greatly benefit from working closely with your professional green cleaning service. With their help, you can learn more about all natural cleaning products, as well as more techniques for keeping a safe and healthy home or office.

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Why Your Business Should Choose Green Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning in NYC

Many business owners want to incorporate environmentally friendly policies and practices into their company structure, but are hesitant and wary of making major changes. One fantastic way for your office to become more green, or ecofriendly, is to switch to a cleaning company that uses organic products and environmentally friendly cleaning techniques. What you will discover is that there are plenty of other great advantages that accompany this responsible decision.

Your Employees are Safer

Depending on the type of office you run, your employees may be sitting at a desk or conference tables for many hours each day. If the office cleaning service has used cleaning products containing synthetic fragrances and other chemicals, your employees may be at risk of developing serious sicknesses and illnesses. The chemicals in these products can lead to skin irritations, burns, respiratory illnesses, and many other chronic diseases. Researchers have found that work environments that employ sustainable practices have increase productivity and lower sick days.  It also increases employee’s quality of life in the work place, which increases their tenure at the company.

The problem with many common cleaning products is that you may not realize that they are affecting your health right away. It is through prolonged exposure, such as being enclosed in an office space with them for eight hours a day, when serious health problems can develop over time.

Organic cleaning products use natural oils and other safe ingredients that will clean the office without putting your customers, or employees at risk. In order to run a business, you need your employees present and at their best. The chemicals in your cleaning products could be causing them to feel ill or experience allergic reactions.

Reduce Your Impact on the Environment

As a business, you of course want to serve your community in a positive way. Show your local customers that you take this responsibility seriously by making a move to be more environmentally conscious. A great way to do this is to hire commercial office cleaning services that specialize in reducing waste and using ecofriendly products. This also helps in your employee recruiting process as well.

Green cleaning services are not only about using products that do not contain pollutants; they also include finding ways to use existing resources more efficiently. A professional office cleaning company will make responsible choices such as choosing reusable products when possible and making efforts to conserve water and energy while cleaning your commercial space. The use of a boat in an office environment is a great example of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Cost Effective

Understandably, business owners are always worried about the bottom line. They must make decisions that are going to bring the most value to the company. Many worry that upgrading to a green commercial cleaning service is going to be significantly more expensive than an ordinary cleaning service because they use better products and more innovative techniques and equipment.

The reality is that the cost is truly not that different from an ordinary cleaning company, while the value is far superior. Environmentally friendly office cleaning professionals do everything possible to conserve water, energy, and supplies. Through this act of responsible conservation, they are able to offer competitive prices. The costs associated with not choosing a green cleaning service is far greater than making this fantastic transition for your business.

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How to Qualify True Green Cleaning Products and Services?

With the recent push for environmentally friendly products and services, you will see the term “green” everywhere. More and more businesses are adding the words green, organic, all natural, and eco-friendly to their advertisements and packaging, sometimes misleading their consumers. In order to find true organic cleaning services, and healthy cleaning products for your home, you really have to take the time to understand what it really means to be a green product or service.

Green cleaning products can mean different things to different people. For some people, it means products that are biodegradable, have a low-impact on the environment, are not harmful to human health in any way, or a combination of some or all of these qualities. Depending on the definition used, a cleaning product could still contain harmful chemicals, but use less packaging, and call itself an environmentally friendly product.

Of course, what people should be looking for are cleaning products, and house cleaning services, that meet all of the criteria, in order to keep their families and the environment safe.

Free of Toxins

When you hire a cleaning service in NYC, you are depending on professionals to come into your home, and clean the areas where you, your family, your children, and your pets, will eat, sleep, and spend your down time. You should not have to worry that the surfaces you are touching may have carcinogens, neurotoxins, reproductive toxins, or any other chemicals that could cause an allergic reaction or even a very serious illness. A true natural and organic product will be effective without any harmful ingredients.

Reduce Waste

One of the most important ways to lessen our negative impact on the environment is to use resources more efficiently, and eliminate wastefulness. Environmentally friendly cleaning products will be those that utilize eco-friendly biodegradable and/or recyclable packaging that eliminates unnecessary bulkiness.

Instead of using and disposing of paper towels, green maid services will often use microfiber cloths that require less water and cleaning products to be effective, and can be used repeatedly.

Protect Water and Air Quality

True organic, or green, cleaning products are those that pose no threat to the air or water quality. The products will not release any type of air pollutant when used that would pollute the air or be a health threat to people. The products can also be disposed of easily without any risk of contaminating the nearby water supply with harmful toxins. Commercial cleaning services will often use innovative green cleaning equipment, such as vacuums that work to improve the indoor air quality of a home or office such as a Hepa Vacuum.

The Entire Package

If you really want to make certain that your home or business is clean, safe, and environmentally responsible, it is crucial to use cleaning products that cover each and every one of these areas. To make the process easier, you can hire a NYC cleaning service that utilizes all natural products or check out great sites that provides you with key pieces of information about ingredients. It is important to work with a company that is clearly knowledgeable of effective green cleaning techniques, and companies that trains their staff to be conscious of the best practices. These companies can teach you, and your family, a lot of great ways to clean safely and responsibly.

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