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Can Green Cleaning Products Be Used to Disinfect?

Thanks to strategic advertising and marketing campaigns, many people have been convinced to believe that the only way to combat dangerous germs throughout the home is with the help of toxic chemicals. The same toxic chemicals that can take care of your nasty microorganisms in your kitchen can also cause serious harm to you and your family. One alternative is to switch to organic cleaning services and natural cleaning products. The question is, can an organic cleaning product take care of the germs and bacteria?

Contrary to popular belief, chemicals are not the only substances that can effectively remove the germs from your surfaces. There are many completely natural oils that can also kill germs, such as thyme oil or tea tree oil. In order to determine the type of substance you will need to use to clean a surface, you need to know what type of germs you are trying to combat. A trained green cleaning service professional will know exactly which types of natural and healthy cleaning products can be used to clean everything from your bathroom floors to your kitchen counters in order to protect your family.

When purchasing cleaning products, it is not always reliable to base your decisions solely on the packaging and labeling. Majority of the current excellent green cleaning products will not have the words disinfectant or sanitizer on their labeling because they have not been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, which is necessary in order to be categorized as those types of cleaners.

Even though these products have not been registered with the EPA, many of them are much safer for human and environmental health than those that have been registered. Many environmentally friendly cleaning services and cleaning products receive third party certification from environmental programs.

Many of the common disinfectants contain chemicals that can lead to dangerous toxic build up within the body. The health effects of using these chemicals excessively within the home can potentially range anywhere from headaches to certain types of cancer. In most cases, these cleaners are overused and unnecessary. The most dangerous disinfectants are most often used on surfaces that are used for cooking, eating, or surfaces that children touch. These are the areas where it is most crucial not to have any contact with chemicals and toxins.

A safe and healthy alternative is the use of natural and organic cleaning products. There is strong evidence to suggest that natural cleaning products can be used effectively to protect your home from common germs without any problem, and without adding additional health risks. A well-trained organic cleaning service will have all of the knowledge necessary to know which natural products should be used to disinfect specific types of surfaces.

If you are interested in learning how your home, or even your office, could be cleaned effectively using safe and healthy product, you should certainly consider consulting with an eco-friendly cleaning service. You will most likely find that your household cleaning product choices have been much too extreme for your cleaning needs.

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The Overlooked Dangers of House Cleaning Products

The average American home contains several gallons of toxic chemicals. These chemicals are typically found in the kitchen or bathrooms, in the form of cleaning products. If your cleaning products are claiming to have industrial strength, instead of taking that as a reason to purchase, you should probably take this as a cue that maybe the chemicals inside are more than what your family needs. Many of the bottles will clearly state, “keep out of reach of children,” yet people use them to clean the surfaces their children touch every day. So, what real harm can these chemical-based cleaning products do?

The truth is that these cleaning products can cause substantial health problems, but the risks go widely overlooked until it is too late. You are probably wondering how harmful chemicals are able to make their way into the regulated market. There are thousands of chemicals used within cleaning products, with little known information available regarding their long-term effects on human or environmental health.

Many of the cleaning products require warning labels, labels that are often taken too lightly. If you see your housekeeper using a product that has a label that says, “danger”, this is required of products that could be potentially fatal if less than one teaspoon were to be swallowed by a 180-pound male. Remember, the effects of these products are not only felt through ingestion. They can also cause illness or injury through direct contact or through the respiratory system. Through prolonged exposure to these products, the toxin levels in the body can increase until a real health problem is present.

So, what toxins are often present in household cleaners?

NeurotoxinsLong-term exposure could lead to problems with brain activity. These issues can include headaches, memory loss, or more serious neurological conditions.

Endocrine Disrupters – Endocrine disrupters are the most prevalent toxins in household cleaning products because they are used to produce synthetic fragrances. The disrupters affect human hormones and can lead to reproductive and developmental problems. Endocrine disrupters have also been linked to certain types of cancers.

Carcinogens – These toxins promote the growth and/or development of cancers in the body.

Along with the health problems mentioned above, common household cleaners have also been linked to causing conditions such as skin irritations and respiratory problems.

Now that you understand the health risks associated with the chemicals in household cleaners, you understandably want to learn how to avoid them. The best way to rid your home of harmful chemicals is to choose all natural products and organic cleaning services to clean your home.

It is not necessary to have harsh chemicals in order to achieve a clean and safe surface. Green products work just as well without all of the health risks and they are safe for the environment as well. When you are looking for a cleaning service in NYC, the smart and responsible choice for your home and health is certainly the natural and organic route.

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How the Chemicals in House Cleaning Products Affect Your Environment

Using organic cleaning services and green housekeeping techniques is not just about recycling your plastic spray bottles and using a microfiber cloth instead of paper towels. Sure, conserving materials is a factor, but another major element is protecting the environment from the chemicals present in many common household cleaners. There are plenty of chemicals present in every day cleaners that can do real harm to the air, soil, and water around you.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Many household cleaners contain what the Environmental Protection Agency has termed as Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. VOCs are simply a group of the most hazardous compounds found within these products. They include ammonia, nitrogen, phosphorus, as well as many others. These chemicals are found in abundance in most cleaning product meant to whiten, degrease, and disinfect.

Contaminating Your Groundwater

As these cleaning products are rinsed down your drains, flushed down the toilet, or added to your trash pick-up by you or your cleaning company, they find their way into the ground water and the local water supplies such as lakes, rivers, and other waterways. Even when the water passes through your local water treatment facility, chemicals such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and ammonia are not removed like other pollutants. Instead, they remain in the water affecting the health of the local community as well as local plant and animal life.

 Affecting the Ecosystem

The three chemicals mentioned are actually used to promote plant growth. They are often present in fertilizers. However, as they flood the waterways, the levels are not controlled; therefore, the plant growth is not controlled. The result is plant overgrowth blocking waterways and affecting the local animal life. As chemicals have artificially accelerated the life cycle of the vegetation, at the end of the cycle, majority of the plants will begin to die and decay at the same time. Suddenly, the oxygen levels in the water drop dramatically, and the rise in decay in the area makes the water completely unusable.

Air Pollution

As house cleaning products are used, they admit vapors and fragrances, often very noticeably. These gases contain the previously mentioned VOCs. The VOCs can cause serious health problems when ingested by humans, but they also enter the atmosphere and pollute our air supply. As the VOCs are released into the air, the result is serious pollution and smog levels. In some areas, the amount of VOCs permitted for use is strictly regulated due to this problem.

The Solution

Fortunately, there are ways that you can completely avoid these harmful chemicals, and do your part to protect your environment. The answer is to use all natural products for your housekeeping, which are made from ingredients that are organic, safe, and biodegradable. If you do hire a maid cleaning service, the responsible choice would be to make certain the cleaning service uses only healthy cleaning products that do not contain any VOCs. The decision to choose green cleaning services is important for your health, as well as the health of the plants, wildlife, and people around you.

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Health and Environmental Benefits of Green Cleaning Services

Preserve the Environment and Protect Your Long-term Health

You might be considering hiring an environmentally friendly maid service or office cleaning service in NYC because you want to do your part to reduce greenhouse gases or lessen your carbon footprint, but there are so many more great benefits to using natural and organic cleaning products. By choosing organic cleaning services, you may not only do your part to preserve the environment around you, but you can also protect the long-term health of your family, friends, co-workers, and loved ones.

There are many great benefits that come with choosing an organic cleaning company:

Improving the Air You Breathe

Currently, there is a push to make buildings and homes more air tight in order to conserve energy, which is fantastic. However, this makes it more difficult to preserve healthy indoor air quality, especially if you are using cleaning products that emit toxic vapors or gases. Many common products contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which can be very dangerous. Long-term exposure to these vapors can lead to serious illnesses, and even cancer. Some products contain VOCs simply to give the product a special fragrance.

If you hire an organic cleaning service, you can rest easy knowing that only all natural products are being used, and no VOCs are being released into your indoor air. Natural products work just as effectively and use organic oils to enhance the aroma of the product instead of dangerous synthetic fragrances. Many business choose organic commercial office cleaning services in order to ensure, even when dealing with a large number of employees, no one need worry about suffering from illnesses or allergic reactions to compounds used in the cleaning supplies.

Protecting Your Health

You clean your home in order to remove dirt and germs from surfaces that could harm you and your family. However, many conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that could also be detrimental to human health. A significant number of janitorial workers are injured each year by using product such as ammonia and bleach, which can cause serious burns among other injuries and illnesses. Prolonged exposures to many of these agents can cause chronic illnesses, and even cancers.

If you live in a home with children, it is extremely important to use natural and safe cleansers. Instead of constantly worrying about keeping your cleaners locked up and out of reach, you can keep organic and natural products instead that are not harmful if ingested.

Stop Contamination

Because organic cleaning products are made from natural compounds, they are completely biodegradable. You, or your maid service can dispose them of, without contaminating the nearby water table, soils, or affecting wild life in any way. Cleaning products containing chemicals leave your home and transform into pollutants for the rest of the world.

Reduce Your Waste

One of the biggest elements of the going green movement is eliminating waste, reducing landfills, and conserving. By choosing a cleaning company that uses green practices, you know that they are going to implement techniques that conserve electricity and water, and use resources wisely. Green cleaning companies know how to use reusable items when possible, make their own natural cleaning products, and use recycled or recyclable packaging materials.

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