5 Unique Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

The idea to start GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning began after my grandmother lost her battle with cancer.  A housekeeper from the West Indies, my grandmother had inhaled toxic cleaning fumes for decades and our family speculated—with plenty of evidence—that these chemicals had … Continue reading

4 Steps to a Clean Office Refrigerator

Anyone who has worked in an office setting knows the woes of the often-stinky office fridge. Forgotten lunches passed over for spontaneously ordered take-out, food long past its expiration date and the worst: unidentifiable objects. The fact is it’s not … Continue reading

How to Buy Energy-Efficient Range or Stove

Is your stove or range petering out or nearing the end of its life expectancy? Experts say the best time to make large appliance purchases is in September, when manufacturers are rolling out their latest models and looking to make … Continue reading

Host a Sophisticated Clothes Swap

Take your green to the fashion scene by hosting a clothing swap with style. Gather friends and family to trade treasures, reduce your collective carbon footprint and save a little money, too. Here’s how to set your own swap on … Continue reading